Features of automatic polishing machine of stone polishing machine
Features of automatic polishing machine of stone polishing machine

The continuous polishing machine is mainly used for grinding and polishing of plates. This series of equipment has 9-24 head specifications, reasonable structure, stable performance and high operating efficiency. The control system is advanced and adopts PLC control with touch display to realize intelligent control.

1. This series of equipment adopts the patented grinding disc seat with rubber pad, and the abrasive increases the elasticity on the plate, so that the abrasive loss is low, the plate is not fragile, the frequency of replacing abrasive is reduced, the service life is long, the failure rate is low, and the efficiency is high.

2. The conveyor belt shall be of a brand with uniform thickness to ensure that the plate thickness is basically the same.

3. The speed of the conveyor belt and the beam swing can be adjusted by the frequency converter, and the variable speed control can be realized as required.

4. The beam is guided by a straight rail, with stable performance and high machining accuracy.

5. The equipment has the advantages of low power consumption, low use cost, high grinding and polishing efficiency, convenient operation and simple maintenance.

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