Granite polishing head features
Granite polishing head features

Granite polishing head is made by us. Granite is a hard material to polish. Initially, granite was polished with a marble polishing head. However, the polishing effect wasn't good. After many years of research into granite polishing, a new type of granite polishing head was developed. It is compatible with various granite equipment.

Granite polishing head features:

No wearing parts, long service life, and low failure rate

Granite stone is more shiny and polished with a granite polishing speed of 37 times that of the older generation.

The new granite polishing heads have excellent oil sealing. It has a better polishing effect on granite and other floor tiles, slabs, artificial stones, etc. It works at low pressure and speeds that are fast, which allows for better material utilization.

Granite polishing head internal structure is scientific and rational, with cam-type positive curve swing. Smooth and powerful grinding head, high polishing speed, and low abrasive consumption.

The granite polishing head's bearings are all imported from Germany and Japan with high quality.

The granite polishing head can also be used on bridge polishing machines, automatic polishing machines, single-head granite polishing machines, and others.

The granite polishing head has a smaller number of components than the older models. Rocker arm multi-angle power transmission can eliminate the constant and uniform tooth gap between the rocker's arms. The grinding head ensures uniform consumable consumption, which saves money and produces high-quality polishing results.

Easy to use and maintain, with only a few parts. Customers can save time and money. Granite polishing heads come at a competitive price and are made in our factory.

Granite polishing heads are extremely flexible and can be used on uneven or wavy surfaces. The polishing heads are highly accurate in calibration and have excellent polishing performance.


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