Maintenance and precautions for polishing head
Maintenance and precautions for polishing head
  1. The key to polishing head operation, is to aim to achieve a high polishing rate to remove any damage layers that may have formed during polishing. The polishing damage layer should not be affected by the observed organization. To remove the polishing damaged layer, the first requires coarser abrasives. However, the polishing rate will be higher for the latter. The polishing rate will be lower for the latter.
  2. This contradiction can be solved by dividing polishing into two phases. Grit polishing serves to remove any damage that has occurred after polishing. This stage should have a high polishing rate. Fine polishing, or final polishing, is the next stage. Surface damage from coarse polishing should be considered second. This is done to minimize polishing damage and to remove any surface damage from coarse polishing.
  3. Polishing with polishing heads, the sample should be placed parallel to the polishing disk and gently pressed against the disc. Be careful not to let the sample fly out of the disc due to too much pressure. This can cause new abrasions. To avoid excessive wear on the polishing cloth, the sample must be rotated around the circle of the turntable. To maintain a certain humidity, fine powder suspension should be continuously added to the polishing cloth.

During polishing with the hair, there are some things you should pay attention to.

  1. Keep the contact temperature of the grinding stone and polishing head at a normal level. The grinding head can be damaged if it is heated too high.
  2. Ensure that the screws holding the polishing head are in good condition. It is possible to cause flying out if the screws that fix the polishing head are not used regularly.
  3. To cut not too hard stone. The service life of the polishing heads will be reduced if too hard stone is used.

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