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Foshan Shouyue Precision Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. So far, it has 14 years of valuable experience in the stone processing equipment industry. The company has two major product lines of stone machinery and construction machinery. The main products are: granite polishing head, marble head.

The company is one of the earliest manufacturers of six-claw granite grinding heads in China. It has successfully provided thousands of grinding heads for many stone manufacturers at home and abroad. The products are exported to Thailand, Russia, Brazil, Australia and Canada. , India, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Africa, Ukraine and other dozens of countries and regions.

With its high grinding efficiency and polishing effect, it has won a good reputation among products in the same industry, and its low maintenance rate and maintenance cost are highly praised by users, and can be used for most domestic and foreign mills.

Precision polishing grinding head

The transmission parts are made of high-quality steel, which is sturdy and durable . High efficiency, scientific and reasonable internal structure, smooth and powerful grinding head polishing. Applicable to: large slabs, thin slabs, polished tiles, glazed tiles, granite and quartz stone and other products.

Strict Quality Assurance

The special ring groove closed cam structure does not need to adjust the gap of the grinding block seat within one year. It is easy to install and maintain, and can be directly interchanged with the mainstream polishing grinding heads on the market. It runs smoothly and achieves a perfect polishing effect.
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