Custom gear design expert:Foshan Shouyue
Custom gear design expert:Foshan Shouyue

Are you developing a product that requires a custom gear design? Do you need pre-production prototype gears? Are you unsure which type of gear is best for your project? Foshan Shuyue's gear experts can help you!

With precision gears, experience is key. Since 14 years, precision gears have been manufactured and designed with a reputation for quality and proven performance.

Our engineering capabilities and support allow us to create solutions that meet your needs, from inspiration to realization. We will be there for you every step of the way, providing the personal attention you need to complete your gear design project. We offer engineering services including prototyping, reverse engineering and redesigning gear components, even if they were not originally manufactured.

Foshan Shuyue has extensive manufacturing capabilities to help you with your gear design. Thanks to our investment in state-of-the-art equipment and our skilled production staff, we produce precision gears of high quality and speed.

Our capabilities include large gears and precision spur gears or other gear types, custom cut or precision ground to perfection, ranging from a fraction of an inch to three feet in diameter.

Custom gear manufacturers can save you even more money. Complex gear equipment problems can cause companies to waste time, stress and money. By correctly identifying gears that need repair or improving the design of custom transmission components, you can easily reduce your company's costs and increase equipment downtime.

These costs can be significantly reduced when you hire custom engineers to build and analyze your equipment. With custom gear manufacturing, you can save time and money.

Don't let confusing or complex gears and designs waste your business' valuable time, money and effort. Custom gear manufacturers are skilled at meeting the requirements of your equipment and providing the best quality designs.

Foshan Shuyue is your custom gear supplier. With over 200 years of custom gear manufacturing experience, we can show you how we can help you.

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