How to choose the polishing head?
How to choose the polishing head?

Marble polishing heads and granite polishing heads are easy to use and simple in design. They offer excellent polishing efficiency, high quality and easy maintenance. These are the most economical products on the market today. They are available in various sizes with different connecting parts. Available according to customer specifications.

Granite polishing head features.

  1. Excellent design, no wear parts
  2. Best polishing effect on granite and marble surface
  3. Compound seal, no oil leakage
  4. Low maintenance cost and long service life

We are known for offering high quality polishing heads. The offered range is perfectly designed and precisely dimensioned. The range is made of high quality material and offers excellent performance. We offer customized packaging range to ensure that we maintain high standards.

Marble polishing heads can be used to polish marble surfaces quickly, safely and easily: simply place the polishing head on the polishing machine and turn on the power.

When polishing marble, it is critical to choose the correct type of polishing head. Granite polishing heads are sufficient for small projects. Large projects require a marble polishing head. You can apply the compound evenly or you can distribute it over the entire surface. Finally, remove all the excess compound and you will be able to enjoy your polished marble.

We can help you choose the perfect polishing head!

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