Polishing Head Help To Clean Your Stone Floors
Polishing Head Help To Clean Your Stone Floors

Automatic Granite Polishing Head, Granite Polishing Head, Marble Polishing Head

Floor polishing heads polish and buffer any hard surface leaving them with a "wet" looking finish. It includes wood, marble, granite, terrazzo, and concrete surfaces. Such an industrial cleaning machine is similar to a polishing head, except they clean at much slower speeds. This slower speed can have several advantages depending on your required cleaning task.

Ideal for specific hard finishes that require a gloss finish

Automatic Granite Polishing Head can provide you a higher gloss, or "wet" look, finish over traditional high-speed machines such as floor polishing heads. It is because floor polishers and buffers clean at slower speeds. It makes them ideal for cleaning specific floor finishes, such as dry-brite, which can be damaged using the higher-speed floor polishing head.

These types of floor finishes can have substances such as hard waxes applied to them that can then be left scratched if cleaned at high speeds. If this is a concern, this flooring can be cleaned and left with a perfect "wet" look with floor polishers and buffers instead.
If you are unsure what finish your flooring has, you should contact your flooring supplier to find out which cleaning machine is suitable for your type of flooring.

Lower noise level

Due to their operating speeds, Granite Polishing Head are suitable for daytime cleaning of office premises, or hospital corridors, as they output far less noise during cleaning than their high-speed counterparts.

Equipped for spray cleaning

If cleaning of Marble Polishing Head can apply to hard floors, several solution tank attachments can fit floor polishers to enable them to apply the correct amount of cleaning fluid for you during cleaning. The floor cleaner is a prime example of a floor polisher that can have these attachments applied to it.

Marble Polishing Head

These solution tanks are simple to attach and can be place on the polishers and buffers by operators with little training as they consist of a simple bracket and Velcro attachment. Solution tanks come in numerous sizes - from 5 to 12 liters - depending on the polisher you decide to buy and the floor area you need to regularly clean.

Cleaning machines are ideal for

Due to the low-speed nature of floor polishers and buffers, these machines are ideal for cleaning complex flooring types. In addition, the type of floor cleaning machine use for carpets due to the aggressive nature of the brush heads and pads. If people need a floor cleaning machine that cleans at a low speed due to the flooring finish, then this type of floor cleaning machine may be more appropriate for your cleaning requirements.

There are a few traps for the do-it-yourself handyman, and even professionals can be surprised by what they find as they proceed. In addition, there are different ways to produce the look; some are more expensive than others. Nevertheless, it is a valuable guide for anyone contemplating polished concrete for their home, office, or warehouse.

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